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The aim of this paper is to review the historical and political significance of the European Recovery Program (the ERP or the Marshall Plan) as an origin of European integration and European mode of economic governance. Different from conventional approaches (economic and diplomatic history & IR theory), the paper analyses historical political economy of European countries through controlled comparison of the ERP policy (the allocation of imports and credit) in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, combining the study of historical documents and the new institutionalist theory.
The paper finds out that, firstly, multi-sectoral nature of the ERP policy required non-partisan coordination among different actors with different economic ideas,?especially led by economic experts. Secondly, in order to strike a balance of competing demands for the ERP policy (reconstruction, development, security), the idea of ordoliberalism functioned as a focal point of consensus. The reason was that the idea, originally developed in prewar Germany, stresses the need for the state to ensure a? balance between market liberalization, investment (civil &military) and balance of payments and is fit for the newly internationalized political economy. Thirdly, the penetration of ordoliberalism over Western Europe through the ERP could explain an "ideational leap" from a German to a European paradigm of integration, in that it became one of the central thought for European integration at an early stage, such as in the ECSC, competition policy and etc.
The argument of the paper is expected to pose another possibility of European institutions of economic governance, based on an idea different from market liberalism, Keynesianism, dirigisme, or socialism. In addition, it sheds a new light on unexplored linkages between domestic, European and international political economy in postwar embedded liberalism.


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